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Larry Wilson 


Keep it local

We pride ourselves on pure and fresh ingredients.
Local Honey and Maple Syrup from our family farm
instill pure profound flavors that resonate throughout our Ales.

How do you want it?

We offer Sampler sizes to find your prized selection,
Pints to toss back, and Growlers to go.  
Party Time?  We have kegs available as well.


Belly up at the bar or grab a pub table in the lounge!  
If that's not your speed, check out the 2nd floor that
features our Brewhouse, private balcony seating and
an exclusive meeting room furnished with couches and family-style seating.

Member of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association

To promote and preserve Ohio’s unified craft brewing industry.
The Ohio Craft Brewers Association was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2008 to unify the Ohio brewing community,
market Ohio manufactured beers throughout the state and beyond,
and monitor and promote a strong beer industry in Ohio.
The Ohio Craft Brewers Association also organizes statewide events that showcase the rich brewing industry and stellar beers being produced in Ohio.

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